Design your magic

The word Magic comes from the Greek word magike and means the property of what is magical, enchanted, fascinating, charming, powerful. 

• I want to share with you, my dear, the one truth that can change your life – and this is it. You are responsible for your thoughts, which are responsible for how you live your life and it is time to take responsibility for your life. Your calling begins with your thoughts. When you accept this truth, and start living it, you will feel the freedom and the tragedy will become your miracle. The magic of your life will start to come true. 

• Ayear ago, my 11.5-year-old daughter passed away and I realized that in this greatest human tragedy there must be some magic to be found. And yes, I then chose whether it would be a tragedy that would end my life too, or it would be the most beautiful thing in my life. I have chosen love. Love and gratitude. And I now thank God for the most beautiful 11,5 years of my life, and I choose to live the magic those years have given me, in the name of love. My daughter made me believe in miracles, and I owe it to her to be aware of the magic of my life. • My daughter left this world that morning with a sentence that will follow me for the rest of my life. “MOM, I LOVE YOU THE MOST IN THE WORLD.” And she left this world that morning with my question: “What are you to me?”. “I am your ENCHANTRESS.” 

• 6 months after our parting, I have found myself the opportunity to express exactly that. I have created unique fashion designs, made for other women. It is our way to tell them YOU ARE ALL ENCHANTRESSES”. You are all magical. 


• Many other enchantresses are taking part in creating our pieces. Working with their minds or their hands, they create magic for you with their ideas, designs, their talent, their compassion and hard work. 

I Miss La

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