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In my most difficult moment and turning point with the departure of my Lala from this world, and at the same time in the moment when the greatest tragedy of my life was happening, the greatest happiness and joy of my life was also happening. One child goes to heaven, and another child, my son Leo, survives that tragedy and stays on earth with me in this material and tangible world. In the period that followed, I don’t even have to tell you how much pain and sorrow I went through. And then I slowly decide that I have to show my son that his life is also worth love and smiles and joy, and I find a way to show him that. I decide that the new self is now richer for one great realization, and that is that both my children are there, one materially present and the other energetically, and surrounded by the great love I feel from my daughter and son, I get up and stand on my feet to show them how much they are worth and how important they are and how great our love and happiness is that we have each other. And with that realization, I realize that I have to live that true self and that it is the only love and that it is the only existence that is true and without compromise.

Thanks to another angel I have on earth, my Bff Jasmine, I managed to come to myself on the journey she went with me before (some 2 years) and after this most difficult period of my life. It was not enough just to live, but I have to look deep inside myself, accept myself as I am and reject all the beliefs and limitations that I have set and imposed on myself and my surroundings over time.

I will write you the path of knowledge in the following stories. And this story I live now tells me about my way and understanding of life, which my angels brought me to.

I am someone who believes that life is: a race in the long run, and for me that means that life should be lived every time and every day with a step higher.

That it is not enough to run one sprint and reach the goal, because life has many goals and many obstacles along the way. I defined those obstacles as challenges. Now it means that it is not enough to go to sports once, that it is not enough to eat once, that it is not enough to take care of yourself once, that it is not enough to read one book, that it is not enough to just learn one thing, that it is not enough.

Life is continuity and in order to be healthy you have to eat healthily continuously, train continuously, nurture yourself continuously, study continuously, read continuously.

So since my great love is sport, a healthy lifestyle and care, La medic center was created, because that is me and I wanted to present to people what I do continuously and thus share my long-standing secret love with them. The point is to love yourself and to enable your body to shine in continuity with the right diet, preventive examinations, proper care and the right approach, and in that way it becomes a part of you and a way of life.

So in connection with the care and health of our body and my great need to satisfy others, the La mama program of healthy eating was created within my restaurant La chicken house.

Then what I allowed myself to admit is that in addition to care and health, my great passion is beauty, and that that reflection of beauty from within presents us outside. I realized that with women who have that love in them to make others beautiful because they use their hands and creativity to express themselves, and thus that we all recognize ourselves and that in the most dignified way we carry our lives and look perfect. And in order to achieve all this we need to adopt the various virtues that we need to live.

I Miss La

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