Tonight, Neva and I rounded up our friendship that began in 2018 with my need to set new goals in my life and with the beginning of drastic changes. I strongly believe that the right people always appear in your path in the form of a teacher, friend or someone who leads you through the changes that are inevitable in our lives. In order for us to grow and live our lives, or if we do not live them in our own fullness – temptations, happiness, misfortunes, people and situations appear in our life that make us return to ourselves. That happened to me as well, the signs appeared even before that year, but I was just starting to bring them to awareness back then. In that period of mine, which I would call the period of transition, I spent a lot of time dealing with myself, dealing with the world, the environment and learning how life looks and works.
I will share these insights, growth and awareness with you in many stories to come.
Here is tonight’s lesson that I learned with Neva, that I will put on my new vision board that I am creating.
“ I will allow myself to be Me in all my majesty, to show and radiate my gifts. ”
And that’s what I do. My value has nothing to do with someone liking or disliking my jacket, coat, treatment, food, or the story I’m telling. I choose to feel valued, respected, useful, and to contribute all that to others.

Thank you dear Nevo!


I Miss La

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