This is a guide for my topics, something you need to know, something you need to strive for, something you need to work on every day, something you need to persevere in and something you need to LIVE.

And for that, you need Lala’s famous three nja, nja, nja.

In translation – work, order and discipline.

And that’s how three La:

La Medic Center – for health and body care

La Mokosh – for the outward expression of your beauty and body

La Mama (under La Chicken House) – for the healthy food for your body.


Abbot Stefan says about virtues: Every man is beautiful to us, because he carries the icon of Christ in his image, in him is the divine spark of beauty. Dostoevsky said that there is a spark in a person and no one can extinguish it, neither in heaven nor on earth, that spark makes a man – a man. It’s like a fire in a dark room that burns and all eyes are on that light. When a person gathers as many virtues as possible, and that is spiritual wealth, he will be a greater light in the eyes of both angels and people.

That is why it would be good to tell every man to work as the apostle Pavle says, day and night, so that he would not take anyone else’s bread and so that no one would eat someone else’s bread while he could work. And if God allows them to earn a little more than they need, let them share, because there are people who cannot earn, they are not able to earn, but they are able to thank God for giving them bread. It is important that we, to whom God has given everything: arms, legs, strength, consciousness, and the will to be aware that we are very rich. We have to work, we have to give. I don’t think about how someone earned wealth, that’s another topic, but I’m talking about how wealth can be directed to good.

We used to say study so you don’t have to work. Why didn’t we say: study so you can work better? If a person does not work, he gets sick, or falls into depression or goes through some vice, the whole world is to blame, and he does not understand that a person needs work. Give young people instructions on what to do, and show him confidence and you will see how they work. Young people need to be connected with physical work, because, while a person is active he is developing and growing. Some remain physical workers or craftsmen, farmers, cattle breeders, and some become educated people and do other types of work. Everyone came here with a purpose and a set of interests, talents and virtues. And we should love all. The beauty of humankind is the diversity.

Work also defined and developed me and gave me the opportunity to look at and respect all the jobs. Believe me, we are all people from workers to doctors. Once, when I was quite young and working at a market stall selling meat from 5am in the morning, a doctor approached me and said: “My child, the size of a man is reflected when he goes down to the level of a worker and raises to the level of a doctor.” That one sentence followed me all my life and helped me to move through life from the lowest, most endangered person to the doctor.

I Miss La

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